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A crypto finance protocol that provides the easiest way to exchange, manage, and spend your crypto.
Buy or sell crypto instantly
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  • Combining security with ease of use, the NearPay Wallet is the best way to explore the world of crypto

  • DeFi and exchange integration for added functionality
The NearPay Wallet
Use your crypto worldwide
NearPay’s suite of products has been designed to help anyone buy, store and use crypto as easily as fiat currency. The power of crypto is at your fingertips.
An easy crypto experience for everyone
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Tap into the growing cryptocurrency economy and start accepting crypto payments on your website with NearPay.
Accept crypto payments now with NearPay
NearPay’s business products allow both online and in-person merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments easily and with no fuss.
Include crypto in your business income streams
NearPay Wallet
Dive into the world of digital assets safely.
NearPay Card
Choose which crypto to spend and use your card worldwide
NearPay Swap
Buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly.
The worlds of fiat and crypto are finally connected, with simple and fast transactions in both directions.
Start using NearPay today
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